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Local news reports and personal safety network, powered by the community in real-time

Stay informed, stay safe, and stay connected with ZIRA, the cutting-edge mobile app tailor-made for the people of Israel.

Leveraging the power of collaborative community information gathering, ZIRA delivers real-time news updates and personalized security alerts based on your location, enabling swift and well-informed critical decision-making.

Get complete situational awareness of your surrounding environment in order to protect yourself and those that you care about

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Be Aware & Raise Awareness in Your Community

Get Notified of Break-ins in your neighborhood

Join the Search for Missing Children

Be Aware of and help catch sexual predators in your area

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ZIRA is Integrated to receive all Alerts Immediately from the Home Front Command 

Don't Miss Potentially Life-Saving Alerts

Incoming Rocket & Missile Alerts

Terrorist Infiltration Alerts

Earthquake Alerts in Your Area

Enemy Aircraft Airspace Intrusion Alerts

Watch incidents as they unfold and get the real story from the people on the scene.

Get immediate on-scene updates to know what’s really happening. Watch incidents unfold from different perspectives and follow along until they get resolved.

Get Safety Alerts When They Matter Most - In Real Time

In our fast-paced world, staying informed in real-time about events happening around you is critical to making timely decisions and ensuring personal safety.

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Be a Part of Something 

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I'm My Brother's Keeper

 "All of Israel are Responsible for One Another”

-Babylonian Talmud- Shavuot 39a.

With ZIRA, you become an active participant in ensuring the safety and well-being of your fellow citizens.

Beyond receiving news and alerts, you have the power to make a difference when it counts the most. 

Join hands with other responsible citizens, law enforcement, and emergency responders and become part of an engaged and proactive society.

Share information, receive real-time updates, and stay connected.

With ZIRA, you are empowered to be vigilant, informed, and prepared for whatever comes your way.

Stay safe, stay informed, and stay connected with ZIRA.

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